G4S Employee Turnover

Retention was identified as a priority in 2016, and we have focused significant efforts in key countries to improving this.

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Employee Retention

High employee turnover is another people risk we seek to mitigate through the HR core standards. It impacts not only our ability to deliver excellent service but also the costs for doing so given the intensive recruitment, training and screening involved. The causes and potential solutions for high turnover in our businesses are many and varied.

In 2016 we made it a priority for all businesses but focused significant efforts on a small number where it was clear it made a material difference. These businesses shared ideas and reported their efforts quarterly. Additionally, a toolkit for HR practitioners is being developed which provides guidance on how to analyse the root causes of employee turnover as well as how to address them in a practical way.

The efforts and focus on retention have corresponded with a reduction in the percentage of voluntary turnover across the Group by 7.1% in 2016. The reduction was particularly noticeable in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East & India regions. No doubt the economic uncertainty in some countries played a part in this change, but we believe the relentless attention the businesses paid to attrition has been a positive factor. In 2017 we will continue our focus on retention but also look for ways to strengthen our recruitment activities using a similar toolkit and targeted approach.
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Skills India 

A countrywide government initiative which aims to train 400 million people in different skills by 2022. 
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